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In a Single Moment the World Changed

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Tracy & Bucky

Memories have a way of reminding us who we are to the Creator. Events are the fire that clarifies our path. Authentic emotion fuels us into discovery of all things.

I remember it was morning and I was peering east in the direction of the sun. The scenery passed as I sat in the back seat of the family car, observing the landscape change as we were driving towards Cave Creek, Arizona. I was my inner child at this point in my life. Suddenly, a group of 20 to 30 horses caught my attention. They were huddled close together, as if they were afraid.

"Hey, look at those horses, I think they need our help!" were the words flying from my mouth.

Those words were met by "You can't save them all" from the front of the car with a tone of finality.

My mind was now spinning with thoughts. There are other horses in the world that need help? Can we just help these horses? Where are their people? Maybe their people have lost them! A new awareness had entered my consciousness and compassion filled my heart. I was forever changed in that moment.

Upon returning home, I waited for an opening to be alone with the phone. At the first opportunity I dialed my Uncle Jarvis's house. He was the man to call. He had lots of land and he knew horses. The phone rang and rang and rang with no answer. I tried again later and again and again. Finally, my aunt answered the phone and Uncle Jarvis was not available to come to the phone. The next morning I called as soon as I could and this time, he answered the phone.

I explained in detail what I had seen and that I believed the horses needed help. They were alone in the desert; there was no grass for them to eat, and no people around to water them. He said he would look into the situation. I said "You promise?" "Yes Tracy, I promise." I believed his words.

Days later after arriving home from school. I was met with "Did you call your Uncle Jarvis?" Past experience had taught me that this was not a good tone and I knew this was going to cost me dearly. "Yes." "Well, he wants to see you tonight so get ready so we can go." It was a long silent drive to 83rd Avenue and Northern.

I was greeted by My Uncle and Indian Charlie (I know that Indian Charlie is politically incorrect, however this is how Charlie introduced himself to everyone.)

My uncle motioned to follow him and as we were walking towards the arena, under the dim blue-grey light of night, I could see the horses. It looked like he had saved them all! He opened the large gate so we could be closer to them. The horses quietly all walked and surrounded the three of us. It was wonderful to be near them, to touch their soft noses, knowing that they were safe. Charlie kneeled down to my eye level and folded his hands with his fingers pointing up. He said, "You are tied to these horses in a special way, because you spoke for them. They are tied to your spirit and you are now part of their family." It was years later before I could even understand what he had meant with those words.


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